Although I’ve only know you for 4 months now. And we’ve only been dating for 3, I feel like I want to be with you forever. I need you in my life, you’re as essential to me as water. Without you, I dont know how I’d live. Although I’m not the best at expressing my love, you need to know that you are my world, even when I’m doing other things, you’re always on my mind,regardless of what’s going on around me. I’ve never felt this feeling before. When you’re upset I go literally insane because you are not having a good run. It hurts me. I always want you to be happy. Which is why I’m always trying to stay positive and dedicate my entire day to talk to you and trying to make you feel happy. I want you to know that you are wanted and loved. In fact you are my most wanted person. And i love you more than anyone else in the universe. I tend to always say the wrong things and for that I’m sorry. I’m just so glad that you put up with me and continue to love me. Thank you for making my life worth living. I hope I continue to do the same for you your entire life. Through old and new and for better or worse. I always want to make you feel happy. I love you and I love you more and more every day. Even when I’m frustrated or insane. I love you. I love you. I love you

When someone’s worth it, you are willing to stop flirting with other people to prove it to them. You are willing to stay up late even if you’re really sleepy and tired. You instantly “miss” them as soon as you guys get off the phone. You start to think about the future with them and you just can’t help but smile. When someones “worth it”, don’t let them get away.